Dear EFTA and ECC,


It is with great sadness to inform you that I am forced to resign from my position in your fantastic and outstanding internship program. I have learned a great deal in my time with the organizations and beyond grateful for the people I have met. However, it is now time for me to start my life as a pirate.

Yes, that’s right, a pirate. This past weekend, ECC was gracious enough to put me through a course with the DC Harbor Police to obtain my Boating Safety and Operation Certificate. Unexpectedly, I realized a once in a lifetime opportunity was sitting in my lap: a pirate’s life. Early on a Saturday morning at 7:00am, was the start of my new career. I learned a lot and am ready to start scouring the mid-Atlantic for a loyal crew.

It may look like I will be helping give boat tours on the Anacostia River this summer, but I can assure you, I am not! I will be going up and down the river looking for treasure and recruiting loyal pirates (all interested, please see my LinkedIn profile for application details). My short time at ECC has taught me how to take care of boats, test water quality, and take weather into account. Little did they know they were prepping me for my next career move. They have even been getting me familiar with boating laws in the area, which is perfect because now I know which ones to break as a pirate! These transferrable conservation skills will surly aide me as a pirate.

With these new skills and certification, I am excited for my new life. I promise to visit from time to time and practice sustainable and responsible pirating, always thinking of wildlife and the environment. Consider joining my crew in the future and I can show you the world. If you would like to help in my future pirate endeavors, please send citrus fruits so that I will not get scurvy. It’s been great knowing you all. And who knows, if this whole pirate thing doesn’t work out, maybe I’ll return. So goodbye for now and see you on the seas!




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