Today was such a wonderful day for our Earth day event at Kenneth Hahn state park with volunteers, West LA students, and Greenhouse students. We all readily awaited to be given our tasks for weeding and planting for today’s event. We weeded in the native garden next to the greenhouse along with staff members, Margot, Cindy, Mr. Jeffers, and Ms. Stacey. I got to work with the Greenhouse students in weeding Wild Radish, Bristly Ox-Tongue, and Mustard. I made sure to check that no native plants were being pulled out by accident and made sure to also flag them. After an hour of weeding, we began to plant. We planted Saltbush, California Encelia, White Sage, native grass, and Bladderpod. All the greenhouse students did an awesome job at planting and watering the plants. Each student planted at least one to two native plants in the garden. When all the planting and watering was finished we all put away the tools, plant containers, and gloves away in their proper place. We then all sat under the shade and drink smoothies which Ms. Stacey prepared for us. It was such a lovely day to be out and give our Earth a good pampering! Happy Earth Day everyone!

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