Hello, everyone, hope everybody is doing great! This week has been good, we discovered some new species at the wetlands and we were super excited to see something different. The plovers and peeps are beginning to show up and things have become much more exciting for bird identification. We have also been bringing local schools out for field trips around Blanca. These have been a blast, and Tif is really good with kids (good thing, because it becomes overwhelming for me at times). We have been productive and successful with our field trips so far and have received some very positive feedback. Teachers and parents alike have been invaluable help and it’s great to see community and parents supporting their children and the advancement of biology and science at such a young age. Looking forward to beginning work on community projects and hope we get as much support as we do for the school field trips! That’s all for this week folks!

Alex M.

Categories: 2017 Interns

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