Hello once again my fellow pajaritos, hope all is going well! Things are starting to ramp up around here and we have been working hard on a few different projects so far. We have been working on arrangements for field trips out to our sites and booking education work with several schools. Tif has already been to a local school to educate some little ones. Due to myself being educated (I was in class) I wasn’t able to attend, however, she did great! The school has now scheduled a field trip with us out to the wetlands next week and I am definitely looking forward to that! We have also been working on the Junior Ranger Grant. We managed to get some great feedback from some staff who got really excited about extending the grant to reach not only our site but 3 other BLM areas around the valley. So we have been on the scramble to set up a proper proposal for this grant as it could be a HUGE help, not only to us but the kids here around the valley as well.

So aside from the grant work, we have been doing our bird surveys. It’s been a successful and fun week and we are getting better at shorebird spotting and identification every day….but….as far as other species go….I’m not too sure. So we came into the wetlands on Friday nice and early. We figured out the route for the day and began our survey. It was a pretty slow morning, a killdeer here and a couple avocets there. As afternoon approached, we were getting a bit more activity and found us a couple yellowlegs which we were able to get pretty close to! After following that guy around for awhile we began the drive to the final pond for the day. As we rounded a corner near the next pond, Tiff screams ” look a raccoon!” I immediately stop the truck and begin scanning the ground ahead, confused I ask….”where?” ..just then I see a dark blob in a tree directly in front of us…”Wait, you mean a porcupine?” I ask. “Oh yeah, sorry” Tiff says, and not a second after finishing that sentence she perks up real excited and exclaims ” AN EAGLE!” Once more I become alert and see, not 20 feet away….IN THE SAME TREE…. A great horned OWL. ” Haha, that’s an owl” I tell her. “That’s what I meant!” she snapped. I then erupted in laughter. Tif was SOO excited that she didn’t even know what to call them! For the rest of the morning, I laughed at the thought of the event and Tiff would tell me “shut up!” It was just too funny! 

Well, those are the highlights for the week, we will see what next week has to bring!


Jasmine Buries · April 12, 2017 at 7:13 pm

Hey Alex! Ha that was a great story! Sounds like you guys are enjoying it out there at Blanca! Good luck with your grant!

Alex Mullins · April 24, 2017 at 8:49 pm

Haha I thought so too! Yeah, we definitely have a good time. How have you been?

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