One of the things that drew me to this internship was the wealth of skills I knew I would develop. My site especially provides me both with in office and outdoor experiences. In the few short weeks I’ve been there, I have learned so many new and interesting skills. Many of these are skills I never thought I would learn or even want to learn. However, as I refine my skills, I realize how useful they are to other aspects of life or that they are just amazing to know. I’m thankful for how patient the staff is and how willing they are to teach me everything I need to know.


Prior to this internship, I have had little to no experiences on boats. However, since ECC owns a few themselves, I am learning how to operate and maintain boars, tie essential knots, and I will soon be getting my boating license! I truly cannot wait for that to happen. Also, I have experience using a budget, but I never made a true operating budget before. With International Migratory Bird Day fast approaching, I was given the opportunity to create my very own budget. It is a real positive feeling to know the site trusts me with these essential tasks and that I am being put to use. I’m learning new things daily and excited for the new skills to come. Already a barista and academic, this job will soon turn me into a captain and accountant!




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