This week we welcomed four new employees and a host! We also started education training for the upcoming grade school groups we are expecting. Our training focused on learning three education programs. These are “Tide Pool School” for K-3rd grade, “SeaCrets” for 4-5th grade and “Wealthy Tide pools” for 6-12th grade. Each of these programs focuses on different aspects of tide pools. Despite the inconsistent weather, we were able to practice these programs and get a feel for how to conduct each of them.

In addition to learning programs, we also learned and reviewed the different kits we use around the park. These kits focus on the wildlife of Yaquina and overall the Newport area. The kits we practiced were peregrine falcons, seabirds, and sea lions & seals.

Later on in the week, I got the opportunity to present the peregrine falcon kit to the public. I was also able to set up a scope, to focus on the resident peregrine falcon pair of Yaquina. I had so much fun teaching the public about the falcons, especially the kids who were the most excited to look through the scope! This week’s bird surveys were also quite eventful. My shorebird friends made another appearance, including six western sandpipers, one marbled godwit and one short billed dowitcher! While on my survey, I ran into a frequent birder of Yaquina Head who very kindly helped me with identification of these birds. Hopefully more shorebirds will arrive at Yaquina Bay in the coming weeks!

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