Hello once again everyone! Well, we had our first field trip this week and it was a success! We had over 48 kids ranging from preschool to 1st graders! There were soo many kids running around, but luckily we had sufficient help. We started off by getting everyone rounded up (which took much longer than expected…). We then began by playing the “Build a wetland game” where kids act as cattails, birds, bugs and water. This went over well and was a great way to get started. We then began to lead them into the real wetland. We took the kids to the wildlife watching area while pointing out interesting things along the path. When we got there we started with a wildlife scavenger hunt. Where we broke into groups and tried to find everything on the list. We identified things that crawled, things that were pokey, soft things, animals that sounded like music, and animals with wings! We then got back together once everyone had completed their scavenger hunt and headed back for lunch. By this time all the kids wanted to do was play in the water, and I don’t know how many times I had to assure the kids that they would be able to play in the water soon. After a good lunch, we brought all the kids to pond 46 where we divided up and assigned 4 stations. We were the Owls! Groups then Identified animals by behavior and had to find their match, surveyed for macroinvertebrates played in the water and used their 5 senses like a bird. I had to leave after this so Tif will have to explain the rest. The Friday of that week we were accompanied by Lisa, our bird nerd instructor who helped us on our survey once again. This was a great day and we managed to see multiple species which we had not come across before, including, snowy plovers, peregrine falcons, ibises, and phalaropes! Productive week…The kids were a handful, but they were also a lot of fun!

Kids enjoying the Blaca Wetlands

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