Today I went to Esperanza Elementary School with the Baldwin Hills Greenhouse students to help the greenhouse students improve their teaching skills. Once we got to Esperanza Elementary school we were greeted happily by a large group of Esperanza students in which we each got to high five upon entering the school. These elementary students gave us a tour of their school’s native garden, where each of those students within my small group of greenhouse students, delightfully showed us ants, ladybugs, rocks, and a large sunflower. After our wonderful tour, the greenhouse students and I got down to business! We presented to them knowledge about habitat, invasive, non-native, and native plants, including about our California Mediterranean climate. We then eagerly taught our small group of elementary students the game, Fox in The City, which we had the children pretend to be foxes, habitats, and cars. We placed three large habitats (in this case our group of Esperanza students) one on both sides and another in the middle. We also had about four to five of them be the cars that drive back and forth while the foxes had to move from one habitat to another without becoming roadkill. This fun activity was intended to teach the Esperanza students that habitat is important because, without it, these foxes (including other wildlife) would not survive within the city. In the end, our small group gained lots of knowledge especially that California is not a desert and that we have a Mediterranean climate!

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