There is an amazing training that starts to explore a new historical instrument used for hunting and combat used by various cultures around the world. Archery! Now, it is a sport that people practice to develop great skills with the bow and arrow. I think it is a great skill to learn to connect with nature and history. It can be used to hunt and bring you to amazing natural areas and it is a relaxing sport to practice as well.


At the training, we have the opportunity to compare between different types of bows and their structure (compound and recurve bows) and understand how antique cultures developed their building techniques or strategies. I also enjoy learning how to set up a range in the outdoors or indoors with the purpose of developing an exciting program for kids or adults to introduce them to archery.


Archery is fun to practice and I think that kids like to play as robin hood! 🙂   A great adventure in the woods with a bow and an arrow to point to the target and explore the woods.



Categories: 2017 Interns

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