Jhonny and I met the snowy plover monitors this Thursday : Daniel, Adam, and Erica. They’ve all been in the “bird business” for a few years, and have lots of knowledge to share. We’re really excited to go out with them at some point this summer. For the meantime, we hope to start our surveys, officially.


According to many people here at the Siuslaw, the birds are late. Changing environmental conditions have caused later than usual migrations, but now that the weather is warmer and slightly less wet, the birds are arriving. This Friday was beautiful, the sun was shining, there was no rain, and the birds were out! We were able to observe several whimbrels, sanderlings, dowitchers, western sandpipers, and even some semipalmated plovers. I’m so excited to see these guys again, and even more excited that I didn’t have to look them up!


We are getting busier and busier the closer we get to summer. I’m excited to give talks, table at the zoo and aquarium, and go birding.


So far, this internship is pretty fly.

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