I gotta say, this week I had my most eventful shorebird surveys to date. The weather didn’t start off so great, so I ended up reorganizing my schedule to fit my surveys at a later time. Thankfully, it worked out well because the weather was more tame towards the end (except for that random hail storm). On my surveys I spotted a large flock of western sandpipers, whimbrels, dowitchers, dunlins, black bellied plovers and tons of royal terns! I thought the terns were a bit random, but I really enjoyed watching them interact with the shorebirds. Also, the appearance of the terns reminded me of the training in San Diego I participated in with my fellow EFTA interns. I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by! Hope you’re all enjoying your sites!

Idaho Flats survey

This week was also my first experience leading a high school group in Yaquina’s tide pool education program, “Wealthy Tide Pools.” I’m really glad my fellow rangers and I took a good amount of time to prepare for this program, because in my opinion, we did awesome! I had a really fun time teaching these groups about the wonders and mysteries of the tide pools. My favorite part of interpreting is the look on someone’s face when you teach them something new! It’s definitely a very fulfilling experience.  In the next few months, we will be receiving many more school  groups, and I know as we continue to practice these programs, we will become better and better interpreters!

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