Last week I got some really good news: I got into grad school and was awarded a fellowship! I was so excited for this opportunity that I immediately began to make plans for August. After all, its mid-April, soon it’ll be may, then summer will pass, and BOOM it’s august.  All of my preemptive planning, and my productive procrastination  housing near campus made me realize one thing: if it’s “almost” august, then my internship is “almost” over!


I’ve gotten so used to driving down the weaving and winding highway 101, and avoiding collisions while trying to spot a whale off the shore that I can’t imagine being land locked in Lexington, Kentucky.


The days here are so beautiful, especially when the sun comes out to play. Oregon is a whole new world, one of green. The lodgepole pines beautifully decorate the mountain sides while the shore pines scatter the coastline (they’re actually the same species; Pinus contorta).


I’ve never been so happy with sand in EVERY pair of socks, field pants, and sweater sleeves. Whenever Jhonny and I get to go to the beach to work I cannot imagine leaving this area. But I will. Come August I’ll trade in my evergreen conifers for deciduous hardwoods.


Knowing that I’ll be leaving soon makes me want to remember everything. I’ve become “that person” who Instagram’s all of the views. And you know what, I’m okay with it. I don’t want to forget the Siuslaw.


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