Anyone living on the Oregon coast knows just how essential the proper rain gear is. This past week definitely increased my appreciation for it! This week we had quite a few school groups in elementary, middle and high school and even with the crazy wind and rain, the kids braved the weather to do some tide pool exploring! Towards the end of the week, we luckily got some sunny days. No matter the weather, I’ve been having the best time teaching all the kiddos that come for tide pool programs! Their curiosity and desire to learn is a huge motivator for me to learn everything I possibly can about our beautiful tide pools.

Also, on this week’s surveys I spotted some more whimbrels, dowitcher and sandpipers. Boy do they love probing away at the sand! I also spotted an osprey, some bald eagles and turkey vultures at my survey areas. I gotta say, the more I bird watch, the more I love it! I find myself looking for birds everywhere I go now. Trust me when I say, my binoculars are never too far away! We’ve also have some pretty cool birds here at Yaquina, such as harlequin ducks, oyster catchers and our ever so popular peregrine falcons. The female has even laid three eggs! As IMBD approaches, I find myself getting more and more excited to share my growing interest for these beautiful birds with the community!

Finally, my week ended with a beautiful sunset. May this next week be just as great, if not better!

Sunset under 101 bridge, by Yaquina Bay.

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