Yesterday, on April 15, I invited my 18-year-old sister to do shorebird surveys early in the morning. She did not mind, so, she tagged along. Emily Cobar, my sister (Angela), and I went to the Ballona Creek to begin our survey. Of course, my sister did not know how to identify any of the shorebirds out there but it did not stop her from spotting all that was out there, even the non-shorebirds. With such haste, she was able to identify the Willets, Whimbrels, and Marbled Godwits. As I carried the scope from place to place, she became my tally keeper, she kept a tally of all the shorebirds we’d find. Every time we would say such a great amount of shorebirds for her to tally, her eyes would widen in surprise. “Really?!” she exclaim to me. It was a hilarious experience for me to have my sister around. She didn’t like walking for too long, but she would soon forget once she would spot spiders and spider webs on the bars. She is a big spider nerd, yet she became an awesome shorebird spotter.

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