This week Alex and I started doing our shorebird surveys bright and early on Monday and Friday. We got to see a ton of our beautiful sharp-looking American Avocet birds, as well as greater yellow legs, long-billed dowitcher and last but not least our puffy cute killdeer birds.  So far, none of my cousins (snowy plovers, inside joke with San Diego avian lover fellas) have been on sight in Blanca Wetlands. I will be awaiting anxiously for their arrival, which should be here in the next upcoming weeks and hopefully days… Alex and I have nailed our navigation skills, which is a big deal. Once you are out there in the Blanca Wetlands, you realize you have poor navigation skills until you are there. Fortunately, Alex and I did surprisingly well for our first week, what can I say, we are just a spectaBIRDlar team. HOWEVER, Blog-Readers Heads Up: If you have read my previous blog and jumped into Alex’s blog for this week, he might tell a completely made up story about me confusing animals (another inside joke, not true). Other than that, we had to work together on putting materials together for out first youth outreach to Sierra Grande Kindergarden in Blanca. The class loved our presentation about plant structure and bird physiology games. Our activities were a lot of plant ID hands-on and as you can see in the picture we brought a piece of mod, high in sulfur components A.K.A fishy-pungent-egg-smell-like- (insert the worst adjectives you could think of for the description) of mud, so I got into the water to look for aquatic life, for the kiddos to take a look, SADLY we did not see anything alive at the time, we however caught some brine flies and larva in our mud, BUT the sealed plastic bag with the mud got the aroma smelling even worse ( I know, shocking huh, Why didn’t we think of that one before). Therefore, I made sure no human would open that dangerous odorous bag that might burn anybody’s inner nostrils.

Moving on.. In addition to the macroinvert activity we provided a beak experiment activity, bird bingo and fill in the blank. And CANDIES! Pro-tip: Make sure you bring enough candies for everyone, or kids will drop big tears on their cheeks. I had to promise 3 munchkins I’d bring extra candy on our field trip. They wrote down their names on a piece of paper towel for me to remember… So moral of the story? Always, always have an extra bag of candies of whatever kind possible to avoid this situation. Although, after mentioning extra candies, the faces light up again. It is amazing what candy can really do to children, problem successfully solved I shall say!

As mentioned in the previous blog, we are coming to finish our grant application, numbers have been crunched and pretty words have been nicely introduced in the document. A few sentences need to be fixed, but it is looking sharp and clean, but show not fear blog readers- fingers crossed we get the grant! More to come the next Monday, get ready for more adventure times on the same channel, same time. Stay tuned!

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Jasmine Buries · April 12, 2017 at 8:38 am

Hey Tif!! Ah that’s Plant-astic that you got to teach kids about plant structure and bird physiology! Good luck on your grant application!!

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