It was a very eventful week! Lots of things to do once again with education and enclosure set ups and shorebird surveys, it really is never ending. This week however, the Science Illustration program that Stacey (my supervisor) and Brian Young (Los Angeles Audubon employee) gave blew my mind. I love when two things that are two completely realms come together and create something beautiful. Two things that unexpectedly meet and create a relationship. It reminds me of my own identity of mestizaje and the concept of Nepantla as Gloria Anzaldua coined as the Nahuatl word of “middle” or a state of in-between-ness where no es ni de aqui, ni de alla (not from here, or there) and instead creates this new composition.
Within the Science Illustration Program elementary children were asked to collect five things from their school native habitat garden. It could be a flower, leaf, wood chip, anything they wanted. Upon the collection of their items, they had to arrange them anyway they wanted on this SunArt paper. The SunArt paper is in this black bag and can only be exposed for a max of two minutes in the sun. So we asked the children to think about how they wanted to arrange their items, confirm with us they are ready, take out the SunArt paper, quickly arrange them on the paper, count to 60 seconds, and then place the paper in a bucket of water. Apparently the SunArt paper mimics a process of old photography production in a black room but uses the sun as a form of light. So when the items are placed on the SunArt paper and the paper sits out for 60 seconds, a chemical process takes place, and the prints of the items stay intact creating these outlines and shadows of the items. The water then stops the chemical process and seals the art pretty much almost like a primer.
This was very interesting to see. Every student got to do their own piece of SunArt and will actually be displaced in the Conservation Art Show in late April. When I thought about the intersection of photography and nature, National Geographic comes to mind; just beautiful high resolution pictures. When I thought about nature and art, painting comes to mind. I was completely astounded by this mix of natural elements, photography and art. Currently buying SunArt paper to create more art with my nieces and nephews in Mexico.
P.S. In case you want some SunArt Paper the link is below.

Tania Romero

I value learning and stories. There is something very magical in sharing, listening, and discovering. In love with life, birds, community building, y escuchar y hablar el idioma español.


Jasmine Buries · April 12, 2017 at 7:16 pm

Whoa this is so cool!

    Tania Romero · April 26, 2017 at 1:49 am

    Haha I know right! I am loaded with SunArt paper now… making my family create there art… haha

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