For this week’s adventures, on our bird surveys we kept scanning our beautiful snowy plovers in one pond of the Wetlands. Stocked to see more coming as the Valley continues to warm up.

I went to one of the schools to teach Kindergartens about the life cycle of the American Avocets, we then proceeded with an owl presentation which led us to make our own owl. Some kids made a great effort like the little girl in the picture. She liked the Great Horned Owl, so she cut cute little horns for her paper bag owl :)!! And some others did barn owl paper bags, it was incredible to see their imagination put in to play among with other questions they had on our bird activity handbook. It was a pretty fulfilling feeling after leaving the school.

We had another field trip the next day which was fantastic!! We had kindergarteners and 2nd graders. These kiddos did spectacular on all of our bird and macroinvertebrate activities. They were sponges, ready to absorb knowledge at all times. A lot of the girls were actually fighting to be in my group or even hold my hand, but I told them there’s always enough of Tiff to go around. The teachers and parents were super helpful and willing to work with us. It made things easier for us since it was a pretty good sized group of munchkins.

One girl in my group started telling me what she can do to have my job, I was not expecting that so it warmed my heart to see that I can reach out and hopefully maintain a nature conservationist. I told her she needs to go to college and gave some other great encouraging words of wisdom :’).

My group was the last one to head out so the 5 girls were developing this evil plan on how they would walk slower so the school bus would leave them behind so that they could stay longer in the Wetlands and I’d have to give them a ride back to each one of their houses after a couple of days of staying in the Wetlands. All while this conversation was taking its course, I was just laughing deep inside of me because they were being 100% serious about this. Sadly for the girls (not me, otherwise a lot of explanation to teachers and parens would have happened) when we returned to the parking lot, the school bus was still there. “Oh snap!” they all said. Good giggles I shall say. The adventure was over and everybody seemed tired, which means I did my part well. I want to return the kids to the teachers with no energy whatsoever, and so we did. Excellent week and more to come!!

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