It was a very long week this week. I was code switching all week from research and education pretty much everyday. We are wrapping all the last minute education programming and shorebird surveys and Ballona Wetlands and shorebird surveys are officially done for the year. Next week, all the Kenneth Han education programming will end, including the West LA Certificate Program. Snowy Plover nest monitoring has been pretty intense especially with the second nest being found and the first nest hatching. Unfortunately, the first nest hatched, but the Snowy plover chicks only survived four days before a seagull was able to get to them and actually eat them within a time span of five minutes, therefore I wasn’t even able to see the snowy plover hatchlings. Yeah, it is tough for a snowy plover chick to survive on Los Angeles beaches. Hoping the fate of the second nest will go a lot better, but nature has it’s own rules.

Aside from the regular education programming, this week I was working on my own education programming on the side, including going to my old high school site and conducting a presentation on shorebird surveys and research. I have been preparing a shorebird powerpoint connecting research, shorebirds, and overall birds. I remember when I was a student back in high school sitting in my AP Biology class and staring into the presentation thinking that I liked biology, but wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to major in Biology because I don’t like skeletons or muscles or digestive system. Biology is such a huge subject, and high school Biology doesn’t quite cover everything. I remember in high school my idea of Biology or what you can do with a major in Biology was either pre-med, or maybe veterinarian, but it didn’t really quite range past that. I think if I would’ve been introduced to the concept of research, I might have started very early on especially when I reached the university level, instead of starting my research the last two years of my undergraduate career.

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Tania Romero

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