One more week down in the books! Alex and I have been overwhelmed by all the shorebirds on sight in the Blanca Wetlands, it has been quite amazing diversity and numbers!! Alex and I got the opportunity to watch a Peregrine falcon in action diving into one of the ponds, caught an American Avocet in the air and was aggressively ripping off the plumage of the pretty shorebird like he has not eaten in years, it was gnarly but eye opening to see their top of the chain dominant behavior. That was absolutely one of the highlights of our week, or at least for me. I went out with a coworker for national wind erosion field data collection, it is pretty repetitive work switching 100 metal cans, however I got out of the office and had the beautiful Blanca 14er along with the sand dunes right in front of me which at that point it was not bad at all. I enjoy scenic views and working indoors, no complaints whatsoever.

In this week, I also had a taste of outreach with my favorite students at Sierra Grande. The 1st graders gave me a group hug as soon as they saw me, which almost made me tear up, I held it together though. They also have a picture of me up on the door and each of of them individually have told me “Miss Tifany, we have a picture of you up on the wall”, I would reply “Oh my, am I a celebrity now or something, because I feel like one” I would make them laugh, I have enjoyed that age group a lot as well as they have been well behaved students so far. 1st and 2nd graders have always paidd attention to all my powerpoint presentations and showed excitement in all of the activities.

I am also a lucky girl to be able to take some days off from work to do bird banding in Peru! I am beyond stoked!! Many pictures will be posted here in a month, you have been fairly warned blogaholic.

Overall: _✓scenic field work  _✓Fun outreach munchkins  _✓Bug Alex at all times (because I am an adult, but also he is also the coolest of the coolest work partners in crime of all time)    _✓ Excited to be where I am

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