I was invited to sit in on a presentation about Coastal Birds at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry or OMSI for short. I was not sure what it was before I arrived. But when I pulled up I realized that it was a science camp. It brought me back to middle school! When I lived in San Francisco, we all look forward to sixth grade because you get to get out of school for a week to go explore the Redwoods. We learned about a lot of the animals that live there and went on a lot of hikes. OMSI has a lot of informal programs for kids to learn fundamental science concepts and explore them out in nature. It was awesome accompanying and supplementing this particular program. The kids really got into trying to figure out why certain birds can live in one place rather than others. And when we went on our bird walk they were all excited trying to figure out what the birds were. I spoke directly to a few kids and they asked me excellent questions. I love seeing when kids are excited about science because science is AWESOME!


The next day, Paul Engelmeyer, came to the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center and gave a talk about the Oregon Marine Reserve that he helped to procure and some of the species that are special to it and are doing better because of it, long-lived Rockfish and marbled murrelets. After his talk, Paul and I went to meet some of the marbled murrelet monitoring crew. They were all really lovely and intelligent individuals. I was so taken by them I tripped on a bench. It was cool to hear that they had already caught and chipped 24 individual birds. I learned about radio-telemetry and how to track where the birds are. And hopefully will lead them to find out where these little seabirds’ nests are! With all the people on foot with antennas, the aerial team which consists of a small plane and drones, I am optimistic they will indeed answer a lot of questions and bring up new questions! I told the crew about my internship and what I will be doing this summer here in Siuslaw National Forest. I’m so excited to be connected with them now because it will be so amazing to hear about how their efforts are going and hopefully get to go out in the field with them one of these days.

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Ingrid Melvin · May 24, 2017 at 12:54 am

It is wonderful to hear that you are learning more about birds and tools to leatn about their life style. There are many other things out in the world that you will enjoy and leatn from to add to your great journey you are taking.

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