The Apple Blossom Festival is an annual celebration where tourists and locals enjoy themselves with parades, rides, live music, an art exposition and a food fair. Apple Blossom Festival also creates a special day for kids to go to the festival called the Youth Day that is sponsored by PEPSI. The Youth Day is developed at the Memorial Park in downtown Wenatchee, WA. In order to participate in the Youth Day, agencies had to apply to get a spot to put on kids activities and connect with the community. Fortunately, Team Naturaleza (TN) applied and it was able to participate in this amazing adventure.

To get ready for the Youth Day, I got two interactive games for TN booth “Plant Pal” and “Ten Essentials.” The Plant Pal activity consisted in decorating a plastic cup with grass to create a style for your plant friend to teach kids about photosynthesis and plant’s connection with humans besides they got to keep the plant and take care of their pal. I planted grass in plastic cups like a month before the Apple Blossom to have some hair for the little pals. 🙂       Another activity was “Ten Essentials” to teach people what things you need to bring when you are enjoying the outdoors. In this activity, I got backpacks with different items on it to make it funnier we added some silly things on the backpack like hairdrier, high wheels, toys, table games, DVD movies and some video games.

In this occasion, some of TN’s partners also participated at the booth with me, so I was so happy to have a group of experts with me. At the Youth Day, Judy from USFWS, Ava from Cascadia Conservation District and I set up a combined booth for USFWS and TN. It was a really windy day so we had to be careful with our materials not flying away. That explains the rocks holding materials in the picture. hahahha Nature helped out, too! 🙂

During the day, we enjoyed performing the activities with families and kids. Plant Pal was a successful activity, even teenagers wanted to stylize a green friend and bring it home to take care of it. Ten Essentials was really funny to see what things people picked to bring with them to a campground. I remember someone picked the hairdrier and I asked – “Where can you find a outlet up in the woods?” and she replied – “In my cabin.” (Well, it was a good point!) So I said – “Well. But what if you are camping in a forest where you will sleep in a tent deep in the woods?” and she said – “No way I will do that! I’m scared of the bears.”

Additionally, Team Naturaleza had information for attendees about the upcoming events, employment in the natural science area that people found really interesting and useful. The people were connected with us and happy to share their outdoor experiences like their hikes around loop trails in the Wenatchee area that expose the blooming flowers of Spring, favorite fishing spots to catch some salmon and so on. I was really happy to meet tons of people (literally, we got over 200 people in our booth) and have such a great people next to me and supporting Team Naturaleza. It seems like Wenatchee is popular in the Seattle.

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