Hello, once again Los Pajaro’s! Things are starting to wind up and graduation is in sight…just have to get past finals week! This week has been pretty epic! We’ve seen so many new things and some really great birds. We’ve noticed we have a few raptor residents that we can predict to see just about every week. We have a great horned own, and now a peregrine or two that have been hanging around the wetland. Tiff and I got quite the show this week when we watched a peregrine falcon snatch an avocet from the air, and I gotta say…it was quite an event! We also got up close and personal with one on Friday and he was quite photogenic! Alongside the peregrines, we also came across a night heron foraging right in front of us. This was pretty neat! I gotta say, it really has been a great few months so far, and I enjoy coming into work every day with the expectation of seeing something new! That’s about all I got for this week folks, check out this week’s pictures!!










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