It was a very eventful week, but relaxing at the same time. Okay, Joshua Tree post is postponed, but I will get there and talk about it eventually… This week there was a lot of art involved, which is something I really appreciate and enjoy. I started painting since I was very young. I am a big fan of acrylic painting and will try to squeeze a couple hours a week. My supervisor, Stacey, has been great coordinating the Science Illustration program with the elementary school, Leo Politi. Throughout the Science Illustration,  Stacey has provided science based art programs (like the SunArt paper) and has introduced students to a variety of art practices/skills and connect science. The elementary students were able to draw and color, make paper, and a variety of other things incorporating birds, photography, and lots of color. What is even greater is that Leo Politi actually put on a conservation art show displaying all the art students have created not only within the science illustration program, but also within their classrooms showcasing art inspired by the Ballona Wetlands and wildlife. It was definitely a show very creative and full of life. Upon the event, Arely and I had to set up a shorebird table to talk about shorebirds. We decided to create shorebird games for them to play. I painted a game called “What can my beak eat?” that is similar to the worksheet that was passed on during training. I painted sand and a variety of macroinvertebrates in the sand with shorebird cutouts. The idea behind the game was for them to place the corresponding shorebird to the macroinvertebrates they would eat depending on how deep into the sand it is and what kind of beak the shorebird has. I not only explained what a shorebird is, but talked about the cool beak features they have, the variety of food they can eat, and competition. All the children and even adults got to learn a lot and even got to spill the importance of not feeding the birds especially bread. It was nice to not only appreciate science, but art as well, and get to do something I enjoy doing and mix that with work.

Oh and remember the killdeer egg picture of a couple posts ago? Well all the eggs hatched! And there were baby killdeers on the loose! They were sooo cute!


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Tania Romero

I value learning and stories. There is something very magical in sharing, listening, and discovering. In love with life, birds, community building, y escuchar y hablar el idioma español.

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