One of the best things of Siuslaw National Forest is that when you are working in the forest, the beach or the dunes, there is always wildlife to observe. I always enjoy when I conduct shorebird surveys, because I don’t only observe an increase of species diversity and abundance; but also while we survey there are coastal birds, harbor seals and bald eagles are around the area. One great moment last week, was when we were maintaining the Habitat Restoration Area symbolic fence and a family of harbor seals was curious about us and came out from the river mouth to roost on the beach.

The oceanographic conditions of the Pacific Northwest and the geologic characteristics of Siuslaw National Forest create a unique habitat for great variety of species. One of the main duties of EFTA interns at Siuslaw is to share information about the uniqueness of the forest and how to help protect its umbrella species. This internship has been a great experience to learn about the biology of different species and ecosystems, not only in theory but also experiencing it in the field. Finally, weather conditions are getting better and we are receiving less rain at the Northwest coast, which means that we are going to have more opportunities to explore and get more knowledge about Siuslaw National Forest.

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