Earth Day was a big celebration in Chelan County! We had several fairs in different towns around Wenatchee to celebrate Earth Day. I had the opportunity to participate in some fairs representing Team Naturaleza. I was really excited because I got to visit new places where I hadn’t been before and meet new people on the way. I had the chance to go to Leavenworth Earth Day Fair, Swallow Fest in a small town called Ardenvoir, Chelan Earth Day Fair, and the amazing Entiat Earth Day Fair.

Entiat Earth Day Fair was hosted at the Entiat School District, Entiat, WA. It was different to other fairs because it was developed for the students of the school to celebrate earth day. Kids loved it! The school has students from kindergarten to Middle School. Entiat School invited environmental agencies to perform interactive activities at the gym of the school. It was great to see the variety of the activities that kids were able to play at school and how they enjoyed every station. It was a great time! At Entiat Fair, we came up with great ideas for activities and the theme was birds! One of the activities was Bird ID, which consists in identifying the birds in the pictures and match it with its name that allows you to talk about the different species, their habitats, and adaptation. Then, we have the anatomy game where kids label different body parts of a bird to learn anatomy. Another game was “Guess who I am” where we used animal tracks and kids guess which animal left that paw print.

Kids really enjoyed the Team Naturaleza station! I think “guess who I am” was the most exciting game for 1st and 2nd graders because they were. It was really nice to see their enthusiasm in identifying the tracks and to teach them about the animals. Bird ID was a great game that every kid enjoyed because it was challenging, besides I think I got too many birds. Upps! It was a great time with the students of Entiat School District!

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