For this week’s adventure we’ve got quite a bit of experiences on our side. On our bird surveys we have seen how the shore bird numbers have increased, specially American Avocets, by approximately 150 on each visit, other shorebird numbers have risen as well so we are starting to pick up our basic skill math and adding up our numbers. It was specifically on Friday when 6 of our shorebird species started to add up, it starts to get challenging (especially if you’ve got the sun hitting your face and all you do is smile throughout the survey and then a smiling-tanline on your cheeks shows up) Alex made fun of me, AHA but then Karma stroked later on when it was his turn, and oh boy was he suffering (moahaha).

Regardless, one of our highlights was seeing and taking a photo session on the spotting scope of our beautiful, fastest airspeed velocity in the whole animal kingdom, traveling and killing naive birds at 250 mph just an incredible feathered creature, no other but our ……………… drums………….more drums…………………Peregrine Falcon! Absolutely. Gorgeous. If my favorite bird wasn’t the mountain blue bird, it would definitely be the peregrine falcon.

Anyways, going back to the adventure story telling, Alex and I went out with our bird specialist to the San Luis Lakes, and oh boy were they gorgeous. Pictures speak louder than words, and indeed as you can see we’ve got the pretty nice Blanca peaks on the background, the really large extended lake which is just a couple of miles by the Sand Dunes and the Gator park (if you’re ever in town, gator park is a MUST, remember my words you blog fanatics). The view was 100% scenic and hard not to get lost in it. Our bird expert showed Alex and me a variety of shorebirds and we were able to pick up the sizes pretty well.

We got a flat tire on one of our field days and turns out Alex didn’t know how to change a tire so I had to google how to take the tire down from the pick up with the metal items as well as to use the jack, change the tire, pick it up and put the flat tire up to the truck. Oh and the weather was 26 degrees, BRRR…. My hands were completely frozen halfway doing all the physical work. I was exhausted after all. I taught Alex how to change a tire and it was a great experience for him for the near future. Great Experiences with Turkey Vulture! Stay tuned blogaholics!


JOKE ANSWER: you tell them tomorrow














P.S I was the one that didn’t know how to change the tire
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