Welcome back you bird-lovers,

Pretty awesome week. I went to Sierra Grande middle school for science outreach, I first went to 6th graders classroom which they were a little chatty, however they were so eager to learn about our amazing shorebirds around the valley. We had a presentation at the beginning as an introduction to our avian species, including their habitat and body parts. Next, we made a bird feeder with pine cones, they really enjoyed doing this, the teacher lets them have a post-a-picture-moment where they snap chat what they are doing in class. It was hilarious to see what the teachers have to do this generation to keep a control of mobile phones and technology in general and as a grand finale we played bird bingo game, they really enjoyed this activity. They would pay so much attention because some were flying others had a different posture, etc. For 7th graders we went over the same presentation, we did the beak experiment which it turned out okay but the bird bingo Q&A was what succeeded over the time period. I made it much more interactive and brought a little more competition to the table so that got them entertained. I figured that combo works out really well with middle school. Everyone gets to participate and they fight to get the answer, it was great! I also had to take a funnier attitude towards them to get them engaged. I liked working with this age group as well, I normally would do K, 1-2 graders but I like what each kiddo brings to the table and with their own differences makes them special to me. I like working with kids, I really enjoy seeing them interested in the topics I have to offer. And finally we went over our owls in a powerpoint presentation, and they LOVED it (just as much as I love owls), everyone participated in owl physiology differences, ahhh!! I love working with kiddos. However, the highlight of my week was to finally catch a very nice glimpse of the above great horned owl (Gloria) I’ve been wanting to spot her for weeks, months perhaps? She would always fly away before I would even grab a phone to document her, NOT TODAY LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, GLORIA ON FULL EXPOSURE! 🙂


















P.S. second highlight, “go, run little birds, or fly I guess” – Alex Mullins.




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