I hope you all are planning your own or looking out for your local International Migratory Bird Day event because it is definitely that season! Recently, the National Zoo put on its own International Migratory Bird Day at the Smithsonian National Zoo. Environment for the Americas had a booth set up there and I had the immense pleasure of helping Laura out! There was a large crowd considering the weather and it was a great opportunity to pull in people who did not know much about IMBD and bird conservation.


At IMBD, I got there to help Laura work her station. We focused on teaching kids about bird conservation. Our booth gave kids (and adults) the opportunity to decorate their own paper bird and then post it on the conservation tree. The Conservation tree had 12 ways we can help conserve birds and along the way in their migration. The booth was also passing out bird stickers, tattoos, and bracelets. The kids were extremely excited to get creative and each pledged to help migratory birds this year.


We even spoke with some local birders. They gave a lot of great insight on birds they’ve seen and experiences they have had. One woman who works for the EPA even stopped by and talked to us about her research on birds and some of the laws that exist today protecting birds. From my first birding experience in San Diego to now, it is great to see such a unifying passion all around the county. I got some great ideas here so I can plan my own IMBD coming up soon!

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