May 17 two or three day’ s until the big day! Weather reports say that it might snow, so I hope it doesn’t come until after this event. So I made this Instagram frame poster and a set of mask’s to go with it. It took five days to make but thats what I get for being in a time crunch but its done so yay! So all of my work and time will lead to this one moment and well I am nervous. I have run many and I do mean many events with hundreds to thousands of people, it was always done with a team where things worked cohesively. This is a first where I had to be the spear head and well its possible for events to be done by one man or woman its more challenging. Maybe thats a lesson you know? I am airsofter if you don’t know what that is, to put it short its a paintball like but with more realism. I run a squad into the heat of battle and our most key peace is communication. If you got an idea or anything needed to be told to the team you must speak and we work together. Second obliviously team work if one goes off a stray or refuses to work with the team it could just compromise the entire mission of the game. Though its just a game at the end of the day so we laugh and have a great time. BUT you can learn a lesson and thats what i’m learning here, that its important and that a team should not be taken for granted when they try to work with you. Each cogs in a clock has its skill and duty if one fails then everything falls. You may not be a leader today but maybe tomorrow your time will come while you might feel alone, but you have a team (or should have a team) and you will need to learn to not be a boss but an inspirational leader. Men follow better the one who’s up with you than the one who’s behind you.

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