Another very very busy week (I feel this is how my posts will forever start). Shorebird surveys are nearing their end since it seems like almost everyone has decided to start migrating up North. Things are slowly starting to change as we prepare for summer. We are currently wrapping up all school programs, concluding our last pre-sites and school trips, and having certificate ceremonies for all programs pretty much. Summer definitely is around the corner and so is the end of this internship.

We are about halfway through the internship and it feels like I just got started. I have been barely finding my rhythm, and definitely learning a lot. There has been so much to do, learn, and see not only revolving around birds, but also education, community, outreach, and nature. It has been interesting dwelling into urban nature and creating a relationship with nature in such a busy city.

I have never liked Los Angeles for the following reasons: 1) it is extremely fast paced, too fast that sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe 2) there is way too much traffic, so much traffic that a 7 mile trip can take more than an hour 3) I grew up hearing gun shots across my house in South Central 4) I got jumped multiple times walking home from school 5) I just never felt a connection with the city. For all of the above reasons, I did not want anything to do with Los Angeles and decided to move to San Diego when university came around, and I think it was a really good choice. With that said however, Los Angeles is now growing on me. I have learned so much in these past couple months about Los Angeles that I am beginning to build a connection with a city I did not have.

Despite the busyness of the city, I have taken appreciation of the huge wildlife Los Angeles contains. Now everywhere I go, I see things I normally did not see or connect Los Angeles too (of course most of those things are birds).  I have caught myself going on more bird walks by myself and creating my own educational programs with my friends where a hike turns into a bird walk and a nature talk about what native plants we have around. It has happened so often, that some of my friends are even telling me “Tania, you went over this last time we came hiking.” It has been a very interesting transition to my home city and I have learned to begin to like it. It has been very surprising lately, a little too surprising, but I cannot spill everything in one post, we will have to wait until the next one, but as my feature image notes there is “Wildlife Area. Do Not Enter.”

Tania Romero

I value learning and stories. There is something very magical in sharing, listening, and discovering. In love with life, birds, community building, y escuchar y hablar el idioma español.

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