Hello bird enthusiasts! On this past week we had pretty low key days, mostly a lot of office workload. On Monday, we have done our usual avian surveys with substantially less numbers since migration already happened 2 weeks ago here in Colorado. Besides that, I had filled out vehicle utilization reports and data entry. On Tuesday I took online NEPA 101 (National Environmental Policy Act) training, which basically is a law as a result of changing conditions and public values towards the environment. It was interesting for me to learn all of these basics evaluations to the environment, human health and public impact. Thus, It was an addition to my knowledge on this topic since the BLM’s decisions on projects require a handful of NEPA considerations before anything is put into paper and made. Alex and I worked on our resume and updated it for the next week’s webinar, also tried to start building my resume on USAjobs however I spend a good amount of time on it and the computed decided to not save anything of my work. After that unfortunate event, I decided to switch to NEPA summary sensitive species in the BLM lands for the next two days. These is a big list to be updated for all of these birds, mammals, fish species on the document. We also had a DHA webinar which responded to most of questions and are really excited to start our program with the FWS. Friday was a short day, we had our surveys done by a very reasonable time of the day and took a couple of pictures of our lovely shore birds as the picture above shows it. Here pretty soon we would be doing a lot more of community outreach and bring more heart beat stories for y’all reader folks!

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