Hello, everyone! This week has been pretty slow to tell ya the truth. We started Monday off with a survey and since spring migration is over for us here, most of the birds have gone. We do see a few stragglers, including some resident spotted sandpipers that we find every week! It’s been a week full of office work and man…my back is feeling it! Although we have not been in the field much its been a productive week. We started updating some NEPA sensitive species lists and Tiff and I are making pretty good progress. I did not realize that not only are their birds on this list but amphibians and reptiles as well! It should keep us busy when we have to be in the office and its pretty neat to learn about all the local Colorado species.

One of the highlights of my week was my wildland firefighter refresher class that I attended on Wednesday. It was good to get all that information back up to speed and the instructors did really well and have quite the repertoire of fire stories. Next up the pack test, which is required to qualify as a firefighter. Its a 2-3 mile walk with a 45lb vest that must be completed in an allotted time, always fun….

Aside from work, it feels funny to be a graduate, so I joined a softball team with one of my buddies! It’s a blast! Aside from that, my partner in crime is headed back to Alaska. Sucks to lose a buddy, but he’s off to bigger and better things (grad school). We’re planning on visiting in the near future and am looking forward to exploring Alaska. My buddy John is quite the outdoorsman and will be spending most of the summer in Denali National Park and said Chugach is right in his backyard so Alex F. you may stumble across him one of these days, so keep your eyes out!

Well, that’s all for this week folks, went camping yesterday and need some rest for my game tomorrow…wooot! Let’s get it!

One of our resident Spotties


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