Feeling stressed? Need to just chill out and watch something relaxing? Check out our Eagle Cam! ECC has its very own camera on a pair of bald eagles. It is a live feed on two eagles named Liberty and Justice. They have nested here in DC for over ten years! Recently, the pair had an eaglet hatch, and after a naming ceremony, the new eaglet is named Spirit! The nest started with two eggs, but unfortunately, one egg did not hatch. Spirit hovever sits in her nest about 100 ft. above the Metropolitan Police Academy in D.C. Spirit hatched in mid-March and is growing incredibly fast! She is beginning to start the process of branching where she will jump to a nearby branch and eventually take flight. This is an important step in ensuring she will be successful in flight after she leaves the nest.


The history behind these eagles is very interesting. The bald eagle populations left the D.C. area long ago once the rivers became more polluted. However, in 1994, ECC began raising and releasing bald eagles in the area in hopes of the eagles retuning. Between 1994 and 1998 and with the help of many partners, 16 eagles were relocated from Wisconsin and released in our skies. Eventually the project was successful. Liberty and Justice are the two eagles that return to nest every year.  This is without a doubt one of my favorite projects, both past and ongoing that ECC has undertaken.

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