The temperature is going up, warming the land up to melt the snow announcing Spring. There it comes! Valley starts to change from white to a colorful, bright and alive area full of flowers, shrubs, birds, freshwater, fish, and wildlife. People love to enjoy riding a bike nearby the river, hiking the trails, birding in the parks, walking with pets, exploring nature and camping. Spring time is a great time to enjoy nature whereby we created a great adventure in nature to explore wildflowers in the foothills. A Wildflower Walk!

Team Naturaleza and Chelan-Douglas Land Trust(CDLT) teamed up to invite people to get out and enjoy the blooming flowers that expose their beauty decorating the surrounding trails in Jacobson Preserve, Wenatchee. In the peaceful foothills, Susan, a great conservationist from CDLT, myself, a volunteer and attendees met to enjoy a sunny evening learning about wildflowers. Susan, a volunteer and I started a game to introduce everyone to each other by spreading people around to check the plants surrounding us, then we got back together and shared what we observed in the plants and introduced ourselves to each other.

During the hike, we started exploring species and learning about them, where Susan gracefully shared her knowledge and passion of wildflowers. People got so excited looking at the variety of species and colors on the hills as we listened to Susan talking about wildflowers with excitement and passion. She was telling us how native-americans have a great knowledge about plants in the area to use them for different purposes, for instance, serviceberry (Amelanchier Alnifolia) was used by native americans as a food source when they were traveling. Oh and I can’t forget the kids! They were so happy with magnifiers, checking every plant growing or blooming next to the trail and comparing them to each other.

Honestly, outdoor activities are my favorite, because I always learn lots of interesting information and appreciate things that I might not appreciate before because I didn’t see them in front of me. I think that attendees, specially the new people that get outdoors, feel the same way when they explore nature on activities like the Wildflower Walk. I would love to help to plant the seed that can help people to connect with nature and who want to explore and conserve wildlife.

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