Wow I can’t believe that it’s almost here! Time seems to be speeding up and almost everyone seems to be in that need for speed mode. Can’t blame them since this is our biggest event of the year. International Migratory Bird Day! I will soon turn 19, but that’s a whatever at this point. Stickers though I soon became best friends with the rolls of stickers and the scissors. The process is like a factory, and my mind needs stimuli to keep busy. So that’s dangerous seeing that a slip of the hands can go terribly wrong but it won’t happen haha. Aside from stickers I have been working on this Instagram picture frame with a few masks to tag along with it to to add some flare.

 I have like two weeks until the big event here in Boulder Colorado. I kinda miss the rest of my fellow co workers that are out and about in the world doing some great work. I know what you’re thinking, “why not text them or something?” Well I’m a bit lazy plus I’m socially awkward with that stuff so i’d rather avoid it unless I needed to. As summer nears I can’t wait to check out the birds so that I can and expand my knowledge. Now for the video that I have mentioned well it’s almost done but I have put that aside while I handle the pressure of the Titan IMBD Walk in the Wild event. Wish me luck!

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