There once was a chiton named “Gumboot”

He was fuzzy, bright red and large

And although he was slow,

All the critters did know,

He was truly the mollusk in charge

This week I had quite few questions about gumboot chitons. Most visitors think that they are red rocks when they see them, and are pretty shocked when you inform them that they are alive! These critters are one of my favorites because they are not what they seem. The tide pools are full of life, no matter where you look and its so amazing getting to work in such a beautiful place. On another related note, the seal pups have arrived!! They are the cutest little things and a few more should be on the way! Now we have to be extra aware of where those pups are, particularly so visitors give them enough space.

Shore bird surveys were quite eventful this week as well! At one point, I had a few thousand shore birds (mainly sand pipers), flying around and probing on the tidal mud flats. It was quite the show, with tons of different bird calls all around me! I also got the chance to see three turkey vultures eating just a few feet in front of me! Lastly, I got to see an osprey go fishing!

Finally, International Migratory Bird Day is this coming Saturday! I can’t believe how quickly it has come. Everything is ready to go and I can’t wait to see who comes out! Let’s hope the weather cooperates with us and it’s a fun day for everyone.



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