This week was yet again busy with school groups! Let’s just say, the park was not short of curious kiddos and their parents. We also celebrated volunteer week! There were goodies all week long, from brownies to cookies and EVERYTHING in between. My sweet tooth sure got its fill!


This week was also focused on advertising IMBD (International Migratory Bird Day) to the max! I had a lot of fun gong canvassing with a fellow co worker to promote our event. I learned that when you start your pitch off with the words “Free event”, pretty much everyone will listen. Our flyers were very well received and most folks seemed pretty excited when I explained the events of the day to them! Here’s to hoping they all come!


I also got a lot of practice with the peregrine falcon table and scope this week. Visitors love the peregrines, especially when you tell them that they are the fastest animals on land! When they dive, they can reach as fast as 220-240 mph! Incredible right?! Visitors also love hearing about the three eggs currently sitting in the scrape ( nest area). Our female peregrine is a great hunter and excellent at protecting her eggs. Lots of the visitors also ask how one can tell the male and female apart, and most times I explain that she is significantly larger ,(about 30%) and the barring on her chest and belly area is much darker and more well defined than the male’s barring. Also, the yellow around her eyes and face is a duller shade of yellow than the male’s. They are very beautiful and  skilled birds, and I always enjoy my time spotting them through the scope. I can’t wait for the babies to arrive!

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