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Well this week is kind of bittersweet. I have learned so much and have connected so well with the staff, it’s a bit sad to state that the shorebird surveys are officially over at Elkhorn Slough Reserve. Of course, I’m still keeping in touch and excited to start at Bureau of Land Management (BLM), especially kayaking out in the water! So while the transferring process can be a bit bittersweet, I am super excited to start this new chapter in the (already?!!!) half of my EFTA internship.

And speaking of transferring; thank GOD this Saturday I was able to attend my afternoon commencement ceremony: I walked and am now officially a marine scientist. I wanted to share this moment with all my colleagues, family, friends, and future co-workers and everyone else because I feel you are all involved. Yes, perhaps many I did not even know until recently, but I feel the outcome and the aftermath of all my hard work is reflected with all the amazing support and experience that has been and is constantly being provided. I wanted to give a shout out and a big thank you to my family and all, because you are sharing in my celebration. And I feel this is just the first step to changing the world, by making curious minds innovative, one step at a time.

(and Ps- in lieu of Mother’s day, I wanted to share something really special. It happened about a month ago, when I was conducting a shorebird survey at Jetty Rd; my mom went with me and once we were done with the survey, I asked her if she wanted to look through my binoculars. I lend them out and for the first time, (and I quote), “Now I know why so many people come here!! I just see them parked and ask what are they doing? But this place is amazing, there’s so much beauty and wildlife!”

My mother, after going through my rather crummy instructions of binoculars 101, finally realized and grasped not only the essence of my job, but also why other people find it so alluring. And seeing her excited, like a kid out in nature, and connecting with her in that aspect was one of the best Mother’s Day gifts of all time; and I feel the driving force of why I graduated as a science major in the first place.

So whether its graduating from school, leaving a work site for another, or even seeing nature in a different way; we transfer between different worlds.

And it’s all an effort, to conserve the one we currently live on.

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Marysol Alvarez

Hello everyone!! I'm a recent CSUMB graduate and hence fresh marine scientist! I'm super excited to start this internship with EFTA and use my learned skills in real life, particularly in a field of interest!! Born in Santa Cruz, raised in Watsonville, Christian and total animal lover (particularly aquatic :), I hope you enjoy my blog as I write about this new adventure! cheers, and GOD BLESS!! ^_^/

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