Well hello there! I’m not sure how the weather is where you are, but here in D.C., it has been pretty wacky. April was hot one day and freezing the next. Although it went on like that for most of the month, it all changed just days before Arbor Day. Lately, it has been warm, humid, and very green. Spring has sprung and just in time for our Arbor Day celebration!


Earth Conservation Corps teamed up with Pepco (D.C.’s electricity provider) and the D.C. Department of Transportation to plant some trees on Arbor Day! With them and the help of volunteers, we were able to plant 65 trees in SE Washington D.C. as part of an effort to improve canopy cover in the District. We planted a variety of trees including the Scarlet Oak (D.C.’s official tree), Pine Oak, and others. These trees were planted near the end of a neighborhood, next to a freeway which will hopefully provide a better barrier between the two. Once the trees mature, they will be sure to provide great shade and opportune places for people to picnic.


This was my first time planting trees. I was pretty shaky at first, but I quickly got the hang of it and was able to teach some late arrival volunteers. This experience makes me confident in my ability to assist in tree in tree planting projects in the future. I saw that everyone leading the planting had their own way of planting a tree with one varying slightly from the last. The work was very rewarding and I was so thankful to get outside for the day. We planted the trees in Ward 8 of DC which has some of the least amount of green space per capita in the city. Green space is super important not only because it’s nice to be next to some nature, but it has great health benefits and can lower stress! These trees can make a real positive change in the neighborhood!


It was a great time getting out there to plant. I met some awesome volunteers and great community and city leaders. Stay tune for more adventures at ECC!

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