We held our International Migratory Bird Day this past Saturday (May 20, 2017). It was the first time that Cape Perpetua has held one. And it was the first time any of us put together an event of our own. It went pretty well if you ask me. We tried really hard to get the word out about it posting our posters from Newport all the way down to Reedsport, we even put some up in Eugene. And we had some people that were local and from tourists that were just traveling up the Coast. We found some pretty cute bird cookie cutters and decided to bake birds for our guests. Jhonny, Gabie, Isabel and I decorated a lot of scientifically accurate birds. There were spotted towhees, Wilson’s warblers, lazuli buntings, western snowy plovers, and even marbled murrelets (they were the cutest)! But the imaginative ones were really best, Gabie made some superhero birds! Batman bird was the coolest! Another one of my favorites was the Swainson’s Thrush Isabel made. I had been waiting to hear those guys up here in Florence and Saturday was the first time I heard one sing! I was so excited but it stopped singing right after I heard it so I thought I misheard a song. But once I saw one on the bird walk Jhonny and I led, I knew I had heard it. (And there were a whole bunch singing around our Bunkhouse this morning, I’m so happy!) It was cool because our new field rangers got to join us to learn about International Migratory Bird Day and get orientated to a few trails around Cape Perpetua. They even joined us on our bird walk, they are all from the East coast, so it was cool to share some of the bird knowledge I had. And it was the first bird walk I have ever led, it was a cool little group. All in all it was a birdy wonderful day we were not too busy and people enjoyed our tables and activities. And that’s all you can ask for!

A gentleman and me trying to identify a bird song. We found the little guy after a while. It was a Wilson’s warbler.

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