It has been another great week here at the Blanca Wetlands. Shorebirds are starting to accumulate! Avocets or “Aves” as we like to call them have gradually been on the rise and we count at least a hundred more every day we go out! Willets and phalarope have arrived and it’s exciting to see something new! I am really enjoying this position and have found a new passion for birds and wildlife in general. We have had amazing assistance and guidance from our bird guru here and she has helped us tremendously with bird identification. We will be doing more education soon and are getting much better each time we bring kids out. This week we did, however, get hit with an unexpected event. Tifany and I came into work on Friday ready to get to it when I noticed a flat tire on the rig! Well…guess who learned how to change a tire that day?! That’s right, Tifany did! It was a cold morning and was not the best of learning experiences, however, we managed to put the spare on in reasonable time and still get our survey done before noon! Overall, great week and keep the learning experiences coming!

Tifany learning how to change a tire.

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