At ECC, we host groups from both near and far. We usually take them in some sort of project near or or just educate them about the Anacostia river and wildlife around us. We recently hosted a group of students and teachers from the Fletcher Academy in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was part of their trip to D.C. to learn about US history and service in the capitol.

The students suiting up in waders for the river clean up

We had split the students into two smaller  groups and had them switch half way through. The first group learned about the state of the Anacostia river and learned how to perform water quality testing with an employee we invited from the EPA. I headed the second group of students in trash pick up and log removal from the wetlands along the river. We got rid of dozens of large logs and made the area much nicer. It great to work with some kids out in the field and hopefully some are inspired to be future conservationists!

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