As part of my internship, I have been involved and connected more with my community than ever before. Thanks to this connection I had to get involved on a program developed at the Wenatchee Public Library in downtown Wenatchee to learn how to identify Invasive Weeds. This program was sponsored by Chelan-Douglas Land Trust (CDLT) and North Central Regional Library (NCRL).

It was a two day program to learn weed ID, Plant structure and how to take photos in the field with the purpose of supporting a pilot program where the community can help agencies to identify weeds and make a plan to control the weeks in the foothills. What a great Idea! I’m in!

The first day was a presentation by Julie Sanderson, a field supervisor that works in the Noxious Weed Control Center of  Chelan County, to introduce participants to plant structure and Week ID. In her presentation, she told about 8 great things to notice in plants (I was fascinated by Julie’s presentation paying close attention) such as flower structure, leaf arrangement, plant habitat, leaf shape and texture, inflorescence type (It is the arrangement of flowers in the stem or twig of a plant), fruit type, roots and underground structures and she also included how to make extra observations like taking pictures and writing the location of the plant. On the second day, we made a practice lesson where we had to identify weed examples that Julie brought to class for us. The second day was the most exciting day for me because we had to identify weeds and I realized that I need more practice.. hahahha I identified like 3 out of 15. Oopps! 😛 I’m still practicing when I go hiking or on Team Naturaleza walks.

In this Weed ID program, I learned so much about different species like Daisies with their pretty white flowers, Thistles with long erect stems and colorful flowers and big flower heads, the beautiful St. John’s Wort with its yellow flower with amazing cristals on the stamen, and the Medusahead grass with its cool different size glumes that remind me of my curly hair that never looks even with a straight haircut.

“Flow air, flow! Carry me out with no frontiers to expand my careers on earth and don’t be weird,   The Flowers”  –  Denise Monge

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