We were pleased to be accepted to give a talk for the Environmental Science class at South Eugene High school last Friday, April 28th. Outreach and education are one of our goals and main duties at Siuslaw National Forest, my colleague Gabie Wolf is in charge of educating about the ecology of the Oregon Dunes and I am in charge of sharing all the information possible about western snowy plovers (Charadrius nivosus nivosus). The opportunity of communicating our message to high schoolers, was a great opportunity to me as an ice breaker because as foreign, sometimes it can be challenging to express ideas in the way I want to. It was also important because we could define necessary key points that have to be informed to increase awareness for this ecosystem and the sensitive species that inhabits it.

Last week we prepared our presentations to make it fit in an hour class session, so we practiced our talks and activities over the week. Working on the ways to communicate science to the students was fruitful; because it gave us a better perspective and ideas for future events on how to transmit concern and awareness. During the presentation, I really enjoyed the interest of the students, especially because they were seniors and probably most of them will pursue careers related with the environment. So, I believe they had fun and got our message. Also, I exchanged some words with a student that wants to be wildlife specialist, I talked to him about biology as a career, it was great to advise someone that cares about wildlife too.

Finally, after a long but fun week, I was able to go for long bicycle ride on the weekend. At Siuslaw National Forest and the Oregon Dunes there are so many trails and outdoor views, and I feel fortunate for being an intern here. Spring is here, and the weather it’s getting better and better, hopefully I would have more opportunities to do more outdoor stuff which is what I love the most.


I consider myself a person with initiative and willingness to learn, and I am responsible and passionately dedicated to research for wildlife conservation.

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