Greetings everyone! Another week down, man time is flying! I am officially an alumni of Adams State University! Feels pretty good to be done with this step and am looking forward to the next step along my journey. My undergraduate degree has taught me many things including how to be diligent, how to cope with stress, organization and time management. However one of my most valuable lessons, the one which I failed to recognize until late in my undergraduate degree is the ability to ask for help. It is crucial to recognize that others, independent of age, background or education, have the ability to help you and that you can learn valuable, life changing lessons from anyone at any time. I am an only child, and, like so many others have, had a life full of adversity. My father always encouraged me to think critically and always asked what I believed was the answer before giving his thoughts. In this sense I always believed that by using the knowledge I already had to solve new problems I would be encouraged to learn and be less dependent on others. Although being an independent critical thinker is important, asking questions gives you the ability to get another perspective. New perspectives and insights facilitate learning and being open minded to new perspectives makes one a more well rounded thinker. When I came to this realization, I began to understand just how important others were, and that personal connections with people are a necessity for success, and life. Supporting others can be one of the most fulfilling parts of someones life and by expanding your inner circle and personal connections you inevitably become more available as a support system as well as its reciprocation. !So you know what they say, “better late than never!” Hope everyone is doing well and look forward to reading your blogs!

Family support


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