And I am in the process of transitioning once more. Everything in Los Angeles Audubon has slowed down quite a bit now that all the educational programming is out of the agenda. Now, all that is left to do before summer camp rolls around is nest monitoring and habitat restoration, so guess what I have been doing a lot of? Habitat restoration and nest monitoring, but more of nest monitoring.

Least tern, Sternula antillarum, incubating a nest in Malibu Lagoon.

Nest monitoring has been fairly exciting because baby snowy plovers are about to hatch anytime now, and least tern nests were found. In fact, in Malibu Lagoon least terns and snowy plovers are sharing an enclosure and this week we confirmed two least tern nests and two pending nests. Least terns were flying all over the place, and is believed that a colony might actually be forming in the lagoon. This is of great importance because least terns are actually endangered, and in the past, least tern colonies haven’t really been formed within the Los Angeles area. Snowy plovers on the other hand are very scarce, however, a few are better than none, and I really hope that the two nests that are left in the area actually hatch and the baby plovers can actually reach adulthood (even though that is a very slim chance), or even if the chicks don’t reach adulthood, there can be an increase of snowy plover nests in the following years. With that said, there is nothing really else to say, but that there is more nest monitoring, least tern, and snowy plover spills in the following blogs.

Tania Romero

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