Hello my fellow pajaros!

Hope everyone is doing well at their locations and partaking in exciting new opportunities! This week has been eventful and busy both in and out of work. Last weekend, we decided to take a trip to New Mexico. That was a fun little trip, however on the way back, a block away from home a spark plug decided he’d had enough and popped out of the head of my car….. I didn’t know what it was at first, however I quickly found the issue. I was pretty upset that it happened, however more shocked that it happened a block away from home. Anyway, for those of you who may not quite know, I’m a car guy. I love to  mess with my vehicles, fix things, make things VROOM-VROOM just a little bit faster. I’ve picked up this hobby and passion from working with my father who was always working on old trucks in the backyard. Modern vehicles, however are much more “computer-operated” and it has become exceedingly more expensive to diagnose and fix vehicles. This unarguable realization along with my extreme attachment and love for my vehicles has pushed me to do everything within my power to fix my own vehicles. I have done thousands of dollars in upgrades and repairs to my car and I feel that it makes it more appreciable when I can say that “I” have done it, and that “I” know my way around my vehicle. So when my spark plug stripped the threads from the head on my car, I immediately found out how to do it and how much it would cost. But just then a little voice inside my head told me…”have you ever done this before?” “This is a really big deal, and if you mess it up, your going to have to replace the entire bottom end of your motor….BRO!”  stubbornly I replied “I can do it, I know I can do it!” Well, against my inner mechanic  I decided just to take it in to a machine shop so they could heli-coil the block. My overall reason for this was because I recently acquired an old 1966 Chevy C-10 stepside pickup truck from my father. Its an old truck and…needless to say it has ISSUES, but I love issues right?! So throughout the last year I’ve been fixing dents and dings, finding missing parts in junkyards, and replacing and updating parts that she (Vanessa) needs to run and look like a champ!  She is coming along however she is still a little temperamental. So, given the option to run an errand or drive to work I choose my car because I know it will get me where I need to go. This means that I am not giving my truck a chance to be reliable nor am I getting an understanding for what she needs to do so. So, I chose to send my car to the shop in order to FORCE myself to drive my truck. This will push me to figure out and fix Vanessa’s little quirks.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by her performance…given the chance. Monday afternoon, I drove her into work (15 miles from Alamosa to Monte Vista). Let me tell you I prepared and EXPECTED to be stranded on the side of the road. I brought around 4 gallons of water, both for me and for my truck, a portable jumper box, tools, raingear, snacks and everything else I expected may be of use. After a long, loud and anxious ride…she made it there…and back! So given the opportunity she performed and became that much more trustworthy. This made me think a little. How are you ever going to know, not only others’ but your own capabilities and limitations if you or they are never given the chance to perform? Just like a beat-up, rattle-box, non-mirror having, hand signal using 1966 people need time and work to be reliable, but more importantly an opportunity to be trusted.

In todays society everybody wants “it” NOW, NOW, NOW! However convenient it may be to have whatever “it” is at your fingertips instantaneously, isn’t it more fulfilling to work for what you want? Isn’t more satisfying to earn your place and Isn’t it more respectable when you can say you have done it yourself?  In my last couple years I’ve come to realize that the things that are really fulfilling to me and people around me take time and effort. I may be getting a little cliché in saying that I’m a bit old school but don’t we all become old school at some point? As youngsters we love what’s new, but as time passes those new things we STILL love become old.  Each and every one of us have people, places and things they hold dear for some reason or another and the older the person, place or thing, the more stories they have to tell. So, my lesson to you is appreciate the old things!


Vanessa and Zues


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