Hello everyone! I had quite the experience this week pheww!! I did chainsaw training all week. For the first portion of the two days were in-class learning. We learned where every single screw goes into, the instructors went into deep details on how to do the daily maintenance hence why we have to unscrew all the pieces of the machine. At the end of the classroom, we had to assemble our chainsaw, and lets just say my partner did almost everything. But of course I still got to learn from my mistakes! (Which there were many of….) On the second day, I learned about the techniques on how to cut a tree safely, along with all the dynamics that require to do so. We also went over the bucking techniques and liming, all of these tips were great but once we got out in the field, it was definitely more challenging than seeing it on videos or pictures. I was really nervous about cutting my first Ponderosa pine tree, all of these trees were very tall in Trickle Mountain, Saguache. Our instructor demonstrated first how to cut a wedge, face cut, back cut, several shoutings during the process, safe zones, among other procedures. And then it was my turn…. nailed it at bucking, but going on my first tree, I ripped one of the chaps…. fortunately nothing happened and I passed the test at the end of the day. I learned from my mistakes and did it more safely on my other trees. Check and check!! 🙂 Dave was not happy when he heard about his new chaps.. haha oopsie! I got to say it was a very good learning and enjoyable experience surrounded by amazing people at the training that made everything so easy and fun. Picture above is me celebrating my passing grade. High fives everywhere.

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