Conservation takes shape in many different ways. Although biologists and ecologists are some of the most important pieces in the chain, it is important to recognize others in the fight to keep our planet clean. ECC is helping take on that challenge by partnering with a local artist and youth.

A few months ago ECC received a grant that allows us to hire an artist and local young people to work together and build a sculpture out of plastic bottles pulled from the Anacostia river. The project is suppose to be a representation of how much plastic goes into our rivers every year. The project originally called for a years worth of bottles but unfortunately we were able to meet the requirements for the sculptures size in much less time. As an important step in the conservation process, we want to work towards changing people’s views on litter and how it affects the environment. Hopefully this sculpture will help do that.

They are still in the planning phases in designing what the sculpture will look like but the kids are coming up with some great ideas. They have even made sketches and smaller pieces out of wire. The sculpture may even float and help trap trash from getting into the river! The final design is coming soon and I can’t wait to update you on what it looks like in the future!

See ya next time!

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