Hello bloggers! Welcome to my blog once again. I am happy to see you here catching up on the latest happenings and it was an eventful week alright. A few of us went out for the annual pedestrian snowy plover survey. We were able to see about 50 snowies at Blanca Wetland’s ponds. It was phenomenal to see that there is enough suitable habitat for them to nest and have younglings. There were elk with their calves out there as well, plenty of tracks have been left all over the place, as well as spotted sandpiper fluffy puff ball chicks (cutest things ever, it warmed my heart!)  I was also able to see American avocet nests with their spotted eggs! Pretty cool stuff to look at for sure.

Alex and I had a big event outside of the library, where we had a station set up in the shade. Alex gave the presentation, passed around information, responded to any and all questions that the parents and children. He certainly was killing the game.  And what was I up to? I painted faces the ENTIRE time we were out there haha. I cannot complain at all. As you can see our kiddos were very interested in the activities we had to offer. We were, as some of the kids put it, the cool table!!!

In addition to these adventures, we also got a nice visit this week! Lily and Chu-Yu fcame down from Boulder to visit us and to check out our site!! We had a fantastic time together, we went out for dinner when they first arrived. The next day they came out with us to our outreach program in Ft. Garland. The kiddos loved the activity booklets we provided and all the cliff swallows flying around the property. Super fun!! We proceeded to grab a nice lunch with our BLM supervisors. Later that day, Alex and I gave Lily and Chu-Yu a private tour of the Blanca Wetlands and we got to see some pretty neat wildlife!! Shorebirds, owl, 57 elks (it was phenomenal, they were just staring at us the entire time haha). Neat visit for sure, always fun to catch up with our fellow EFTA crew 🙂

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